Thursday, July 3, 2008

Out of the Box Show July 2008

These images of odd flowers you've seen before. I printed them and then did some die cutting on them, letting the paper behind come through. I put this in the Out of the box show along with the two abstract that I did. I'll sell these for 45.00 because of the cuts in them. That's also completely framed.

My next painting (and I say painting; no Lino Cuts) will be of my grandaughter. The painting will be about "JOY"! I'll show you the picture on my next post in it's rough state. I can't stray too long from doing figurative work.

Anyway- the show is in Three Oaks, Michigan at the old Vickers Theater. The downtown there is so cute. It's like walking in time. The brick roads the quaint little shops all upscale is wonderful. Check it out!

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