Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Releasing Emotions in my Art

I am an intense person.  This I know.
I painted this after my mother had passed away.  I was with her a lot while she was on her journey to the other side and we shared a lot.

We talked about visions she would have of people who would walk into her room...people only she could see.  Some of these people she knew who had passed away and others she did not know. 

The writing around the painting are conversations we had.

While in Hospice mom would see this tall man walking a dog.  I told the nurses about it and the nurses were familiar with this.  They said that a lot of  people there would see the dog...and if the dog was white it meant that they were ready to pass onto the other side....So I asked mom what color was the dog?  She said a sandy color...which meant she wasn't ready yet.  And she wasn't because she left the Hospice center later to return. My mother was supposed to die 3-4 times before she actually did.  She had a remarkable strong spirit.  I used red on the blanket to signify her passion..She's boldly looking at the viewer and facing her challenge...the turquoise ring she always wore for luck...and she's holding on.

Doing this piece  helped me release the intensity of the experience for me. 

This is a piece that will remain in my basement, but at the time was something I needed to do.

What do you do with something like this...??????  

Art Therapy...Brute I think it's called....
Thank heaven I haven't had a need to do another piece for a release!!!!
Does anyone else have any similar experiences?

I'm hoping for a walking cast this Thursday..then I can start painting again!

The dove was spirit...being released by gods hand which is bigger than us....A stronger presence..My mother also loved the song that went something like "God sends his pure sweet love on the wings of a snow white dove".

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  1. This is a wonderful painting that of course has special meaning for you. However, I think it is a powerful piece that can touch others. So, what to do with a piece like this is share if you possibly can when you have rested your spirit enough.