Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home Again, Home Again!!!

Back once again! We traveled to Richmond, Virginia to see our good friends, then onto Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.. We took several trips to the museums and of course I had to take some pictures (it was permissible). Always enjoying forms all around me. I LOVED the contemporary galleries very much.

I'm posting the picture of me standing next to a Joan Miro. This painting I had not seen before. It must have been done as the artist was evolving. I was in intrigued.

I handed over my logo job and declared that I am an artist not a graphic designer. I started out with drawings, but cannot adjust things on all the programs I was attempting to
down-load. So now I can get on with the business of ART. Tomorrow I start a class in Chicago at the River East Center on figure painting from life. I haven't touched my oils in a year. So now with some old large tubes of 6.75 oz which weigh a ton because I don't want to buy new tubes I go on! I have been spoiled by acrylics. So I know I will be intimidated but I have never been afraid of a challenge. A kite only rises against the wind NOT with it!!!

Last note....we went to the Capital Steps in the Ronald Reagan Building...and for those who get to Washington and haven't seen it yet...."Go!" It was great! It made fun of both was a good laugh!!

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