Friday, September 30, 2011

Flower Girls in Italy

Yes, it's been awhile since I could immerse myself with painting. The wedding the adjustments, etc..

I took a plein air class that set me back..mentally (I took it after the wedding and hadn't rebounded yet)....but I got up..brushed myself off and came back to the studio to start once again another laborious painting. This one was taken by my good friends in Italy that attended a very traditional Italian wedding and sent this along to me in the event I could make a painting of it. Years I am starting that painting.

For me this painting was about the color in the ribbons and the baskets...and then the personalities of the little girls...the one on the left passively looks down at the one in the middle..the one in the middle is in the middle of it, actively doing something...and the one on the right...being contrary and stepping on the ribbon of her basket. You may remember that little girl with the pig tails. She is the one I did years ago that was accepted at the Salon Show.

I started off with just umber...then umber and black...then I introduced white....just working on the values ,drawing and details. For me it's about finding shapes in the folds the hair, etc...once I find these things...then I can soften them. I know there's a better way to do this...but I never seem to follow I guess I am a rebel at heart. When I'm done getting the drawing and details and values right I'll glaze in the colors. I did this on my painting of Makenzie when I was taking a portrait class in Chicago.

Just a note...I have a new appreciation for plein air painters. The sun...shadows keep moving constantly and you have to keep readjusting your painting....I think I'll stick to a photograph that doesn't move!

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  1. I like the painting of the flower girls! It is good to see your work again.