Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meditation Series

It's been awhile since I've posted.  I guess I've been in hibernation.  You could even say a coma.  I checked my regular website and found 20 messages!  Oops!

Since the last post I had 6 images accepted for the Contemporary Artists Book which will be distributed to galleries internationally.  I believe it comes out in May.

I've been working on three pieces that I feel say something about my journey into hibernation.  I'll post some pictures but only one I feel is done...however if you know me, I'm never done, which is funny because since the photo I'll use to post I've already done some more changes! lol

The one piece is about nature and came about from a vision I'd had for quite awhile.  It's altered from the original version in my head, but like I say...paintings are alive...they possess their own lives and identity.  You cannot force them...intuitively they go their own way...not mine.

The second piece I also am still working's about meditation...and the connection between God and man and finding that connection.  Sometimes we have to die to our old ways to grow.  So some people will assume she's dead..(which would be dying to her old ways of thinking) or she's alive and in deep meditation.Viewers can decide, and of course the lotus blossom which has so much meaning. I also put strips of papers with meditation sayings from different religions.  The symbols at the top I learned from my trip to Barcelona, Spain and touring the Segrada Familia by Gaudi.  I was so moved entering that church...and on the outside there was a symbol I somehow knew what it meant.  Above as below.

The third one I'm working on is motivated by a few things.  A great dream I had and also another artist who has long been gone called Alma Rumbal.  The piece also was about meditation and is full of symbolism that probably most people won't pick up, but will be fine as long it looks like a dream.

Exotic Nature
The symbols in Sagrada Familia

Deep Meditation

Meditation and Dreams-The Awakening....This painting is also still in progress

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