Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Southshore Art Association presents "Visions"

"Visions" opens Friday, June 29, at the SSAA Gallery, 724 Franklin St.,Michigan City. The opening reception is Saturday, June 30, from 5-8p.m..

Given the challenge to "explore the vastness of their imaginations,"artists from four states submitted art. The works of the 25 accepted artists range from a sweeping panorama of an Italian Pizza to faces twisting in a Van Gogh-like sky. In between are a young woman dreaming at the beach, a cathedral-serene painting of a Chicago Street, a near-empty canvas with a tree growing in from the side, a flute player on a Lake Michigan dune, and laminated wood shapes most fanciful.

The featured artists are: Carol Block, Esther Charbit, Diane Lynne Cheeseman, Judy Crawford, Joel DeGrand, Dawn Fetty, Kevin Firme, Sanford Friedman, Greg Gallagher,Garret Hamm, Susan Henshaw, Lee Hibbs, Larry Jensen, Connie Kassal, Neil Kienitz, Ed Levitin, David Okeley, Mary Ann P alsl, Lorraine Pritz, Matthew Rispoli, Steve Shor, Robert Stanley, Robert Williams, Clinton Worthington.

The only competitive art exhibit in all Northwest Indiana Scheduling three strong jurors, "Visions" promises to develop into a premier art show. Even the largest area art center, the former Northern Indiana Art Association in Munster, has only one juror for its prestigious "Salon Show." With three jurors, the art showed in Visions will be less subjective, and of grat overall quality.

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  1. Congratulations on placing in this fantastic show!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are amazing! This painting is fantastic and I am so happy you were recognized for it!!!!I am so proud to know you!