Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

It's nice to be away ...but then it's always good to be in your own bed and use your own shower!
It was wonderful to see my sons again and spend some time with them. They always make me proud.

On the drive from Memphis to North Carolina we stopped in Ashville and toured the Biltmore. It was just grand! A castle still privately owned on 125 acres. When I lived in Phoenix we use to go to the Biltmore for their wonderful brunches with piano player and lavish spread of food. The Biltmore's must have had homes throughout the country.

Arriving home I was met with a thousand chores and bumps in the road of life which has kept me from the computer other than paying bills!

I am walking around with knots not being able to escape into my studio and purge some creative juices so today I plan to knock out part of a list and get myself back in my space once again!

I love odd, whimsical ornaments so thought I'd post a few of my favorites. I am always intrigued by faces!


  1. Get in there and do a tiny little painting of a tree ornament. Less than an hour and back to the chores.