Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home Again-Off Again

Home again, off again. This is my life. Think maybe this is why I'm not making progress with my art???? San Antonio was 72degrees and wonderful. We were wined and dined at the best restaurants and I feel like I walked the entire river and saw many galleries along the way. I came home to 31 degrees with 4"of snow on the ground and more tonight. This is why my heart belongs out west. I live here and my soul is out there...out west somewhere!
My highlight was having dinner with General Collins. Wow! I could not get over how great he looked. White hair, white teeth and a good looking suit to boot. We reminisced about the past and memories and then he told us de-classified top secret stories from the Air Force. The stories they use for James Bond movies .! He told us they had him on the History Channel called "Wings". He said he'd send us a copy. The funniest part was walking him to his car which turned out to be a white corvette fully loaded. This is just like my dad. It must be something about being a test that they don't have their planes in their golden years they have their jetty cars.
Saturday I'm leaving for Memphis and then North Carolina.
See you next week. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

The picture above is by Jim Waid. I discovered him in Las Vegas at the Billagio. You could only appreciate his work in person. He makes a series of layers and then chips into it revealing the colors underneath.


  1. Have you been kidnapped? What do they want for the ransom? I can raise it.