Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beginning A New Painting-Blue Eye

Since We're still under a state of emergency due to the storm of the century and snow coming up the door with drifts in some areas of 5 ft., I thought it the proper time to start my new painting.

I ran into this fellow in Boulder, Colorado at the Boulder Fest. I was walking around with my brother and sister in law and found this fellow sitting working on some jewelry. My brother asked to take his picture and he agreed for $5.00! I was intrigued and scared of the man, but there was something about him that really captivated me.

He had all kinds of things on his hat (including the proper insignia for a full colonel) on his hat which I will put later. He also had a strange looking jewelers loop on his left eye which I am not putting in and I brought his hat down farther.

Amazing what being snowed in can do to you...gets you UNdestructed!
I'll post again when I'm done.

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