Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Done.........I think..

I'm calling it "Kool Heat". It's suppose to be about the heat of the pavement. I saw this while walking to see Ernest Hemmingways house in the Keys. I loved the shadows...and trust me..in July it was a HOT day!

I intentionally tilted the sign towards the bike. I guess I'm odd, but I don't like things tooooo perfect...it's not reality for me. I don't mind following rules...but after awhile I just have to break them.

I called it" Kool Heat" because there is the COOL blue sky meeting the HOT pavement..and you can't have hot without the cool....plus...the jazzy red bike with the Key Lime Green fenders is "Pretty Cool"!


  1. Fabulous job on this painting. I'm so glad you didn't dick it up!

    I like everything about it.

    PS don't worry about calories, that seat looks like it will hold you.

  2. Thanks....not sure about fitting on that seat....I went to put my ski suit that I've had for 20 years and I will say it didn't fit. Getting older is NOT fun...but it beats the alternative!