Monday, March 12, 2012

Pregress on Puppet Master

I find it interesting....the process.

First you see something that for some unknown reason compells you. The more you paint...the more you change trying to say something with whatever it was that compelled you.

The process is enlightening...and a growing experience on a personal level and as an artist.

The hands are ONLY BLOCKED in....they have yet to be painted...the cloud I added because I wanted to emphasize the godliness of the hands and thought I might add a ray of sunshine behind the cloud pointing to the hands....but at this point I'm not sure I need that yet.

All of this obviously has to be refined....but I am slowly finding a language with this painting.

If there's one thing about me...It may take me 20 years to get something right...but I will say.....I don't give up easily.

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