Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lilly Pads

Happy New Year to all!  Now we are going to be entering the time of year where we hibernate up North due to freezing temperatures.  This is my time of year where I hibernate mostly in the studio, painting and getting through the Winter doldrums.

I just completed 2 paintings and now working on a third of Lilly Pads.  I was first inspired on a trip to Tampa, Florida with my husband on business.  The hotel had a beautiful Lilly pond, and as we were leaving as the sun was setting  and I took a photo.  Years later I accompanied my two friends on a plein air painting exhibition in Ohio, visiting a large lake with many Lilly pads.  I was seduced by their long necks and graceful flowers and once again began snapping photos.

As always I will post the finished paintings...but I usually am endlessly seeing things that need to be touched up or changed.  I sometimes wonder if it's the acrylics I they always seem to dry darker...or else it could be that my eyes are clouding with cataracts that need my attention!

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