Thursday, August 12, 2010

Latest Project...Portrait Class

So Tuesdays I'm driving into Chicago for a Portrait class at River East Art Gallery with Rory Cohen. I took a Figure drawing class from Rory last year and I liked him because he does push you and actually shows you things. Unlike a lot of classes that instructors feel you pay a couple hundred dollars just to paint in their presence!

The drawing process was a little different but somewhat the same as my portrait class with William Schneider. They use the point system. I found Rory's point system a little easier than Bills because Rory's thinking is that as long as you have at least two points you can start and navigate which I also find to be true. So I marked the outside of an eye and then the outside of the nose and crossed the lines.

Then you were to finish the drawing and then put it on canvas with brown India ink, followed by a thin wash to get rid of the white of the canvas. I missed that class so had to do my drawing at home of which I didn't know a bout the India ink so I just painted it in brown and white, later adding ultramarine blue.

Next process after I'm done with this step is to add the color. This is actually an old technique, but a good value study lesson!

I'll post a picture of the finished picture.

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