Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Life Drawing Session

Finally made it back to Life Drawing. With the weather being bad I need to push myself. I really do enjoy going to the Art Barn. It usually winds up being about 5-6 people there. Several of the men are sculptors. At times Gerrie and I are the only females there other than the model. It's a two hour session with the model starting at a few minuets with poses and builds up to 30 and then an hour.

Her face is all wrong...but I was more concerned with getting the pose. It's good practice...practice...practice.


  1. This is a nice drawing Dawn! It is hard to get the face and the entire body right in one session. I always spent to much time on the face no matter how I tried to force myself to move on.

  2. Your way too kind...knowing how good you are...
    thanks for visiting the site...I was so glad to visit yours to see you were posting again. I hope your daughter is doing better...