Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is one of my play around pieces. It's on 300lb cold press paper with watercolor, pencil and oil pastel. I see some problems but I think I need to re-do it now that I have a better handle on mixing these mediums. I just threw it on I understand there needs to be a better mapped out plan for balance. I see that I need to darken the swirls under the fish tail also. I played around with texture from papers and molding paste.

I want to say I REALLY appreciate the feed back I got on 'JOY". I think all of them were very useful and I am working on all of them! I always want my viewers to voice what they feel. I cannot move forward without a critical view and acknowledging weak spots and strengths.


  1. when you finish your paintings i am always reminded of how lucky i am to have you in my family! what a blessing your talent is!
    love this painting! i can't tell you enough how i love this painting, okay, well telling you we want to buy it should tell you. keep going in this direction!!! it is awesome!

  2. Now I have the urge to go fishing. We used to go down to the river looking for these. I think you have a great idea in a "play" piece. Most of us have the tendency to want every piece we do be a masterpiece that is raved over. This can stunt growth and the joy of painting.

    It is looking quite good so far.