Friday, February 6, 2009

Women and Strength

I started a new piece yesterday. It's 6 feet by 3'6". Don't won't look like this. I feel my way through what I do is darken all the slight curves and then I'll go in and soften and do away with a lot of that. My model was in a bathing suit...but I am going to have her hair flowing across her to cover her essential parts. The picture should look quite a bit different than this..I call this roughing in. I like getting darker than I should and then lightening things up.

The idea is that women gain their strength from the earth..The elements...her feet will have roots coming from her toes..her feet being planted in the ground...I'm playing with the idea of greenery growing from the ground and maybe I'm not sure growing up one leg...or maybe a rabbit leaning up looking at her which would give a feeling of the gentleness.
I'm not sure how large I want that sun or moon to be...I like keeping my options open. The picture will be way much darker at the bottom, getting lighter towards the sun or moon...whichever I decide. It's a large canvas I hung on the wall...It takes a lot of paint and time to cover the areas.

Just listening to Simon and Garfunkle and chilling out in the studio and painting.

We had 2feet of snow the other day and believe it or not we're suppose to be up to 40 degrees today which means we'll probably have some flooding!#$^&*(

Hope you have a good week-end.

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