Thursday, January 22, 2009

I know this is crazy. You probably can't notice a difference but there is. It's so funny because after downloading this picture I have already changed some areas..the shape of the mouth( jaw), etc. When ever I stand back and look I see things I didn't see before. I just get too close and involved to see the big picture I guess. I nit pick forever. Maybe it's my way of getting lost.
Yes, I'm still working on it. positively don't like the way the ducks body looks and the water behind the dog needs adjusting...and I'm sure there will be more. This picture isn't suppose to be serious..not suppose to be realistic..but not sure if I'm achieving that either.


  1. Dawn, the dog looks good, but the duck looks a little cut out. You could soften/lose some edges. The water can be more colors than blue. At the waters edge where they are sitting I would expect different colors. Do you have a reference that shows only blue?


  2. i agree with the first comment. i think the duck looks very fake. i think you are not achieving the abstract and it is looking more and more serious as you refine it. i would like to see more color in the water as well. have fun with it!