Monday, June 15, 2009

Bamboo tablet and Corel X program

I wanted to mention that for Mothers Day I was given the Corel X and the Wacom Bamboo Tablet and am going crazy wanting to just spend days (if I could) just playing with the program. It is AWESOME!!! Yes, I'm sure most of you have had this for quite some time but it's new for me and the program starting out can be frustrating...but I am determined and love it.

Not just for digital art, but I can do sketches on the program and play with colors to see about possible paintings, etc. You can do pastel, oils, acrylics, etc, etc, with a variety of brushes and tools. It's cool!!!

I still know virtually nothing about the program but did do one project with a photograph which didn't consist of the fun painting process I hope to get into.

The photo above is Andrew Jones, a Corel Painter Master...the self portrait he did is done with the Corel Painter program.

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