Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Up???

Some may think I dropped off the planet...or just disappeared...well neither. I am just now able to walk around without crutches and will be able to stand long enough to start working again...Thank the Lord as I am so incredibly thirsty for some creative endeavor!!!

I actually have several assignments right out the gate. I have been commissioned to do 3- 30x40 canvases for an Interior Designer AND a logo for a company called "Milk Money". The company handles the software that allows Universities to give credit to the students for spending on necessities. I know I didn't explain that quite right. I actually did the drawings awhile back but now they are ready to "GO" with it. Now I will have to refine what I had done which will be challenging since I have a different computer and the images didn't transfer over, but I think I can handle it.

We've also had lot's of company, but now I have to get SERIOUS!

My brother in Boston is starting up his own company and also is in need of a logo. His company will be IQ Associates and the company will perform Information Quality assurance testing and validation for corporate data warehouses, business intelligence and predictive model validation.

And, I have a canvas for my brother in Boulder that needs to be done. On some much needed downtime I hope to start another small painting of the woman sitting at the Chicago Jazz fest with a flowery hat sitting on her suitcases under her pink parasol. Doesn't sound interesting, but I love the color and how odd to see this older woman sitting on her suitcases in the the middle of a jazz fest!!!

The one picture is of Ron's sister Cheri, my daughter Shannon, me in the wheel chair and Makenzie at the Art Institutes. We tried to go to the new Modern Wing, but it was way too crowded so wound up in the main section instead.
The other photo is of a new vase I bought in an Antique Store in Michigan that was made in Italy. I have this old piano shawl and was trying to come up with a still life study to work on. I have always loved the colors in this photo!
Shannon is the one with short hair, then Cheri Ron's sister from Maryland.....

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  1. What a attractive group of ladies. Hope to see some of your new work soon.